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The Best Baseball Portable Pitching Mounds For Little League

The Best Baseball Portable Pitching Mounds For Little League

We so many travel ball leagues using practice or bullpen mounds for gameplay and it hurts our hearts. These are okay in the cage or pen, but expecting a pitcher at any level to also play baseball off of this mound is thoughtlessly dangerous. It is a shame to see so many leagues use these terrible mounds. It is not only bad for the young kids but it also doesn't teach them the right machines for pitching off a major league mound.

A great portable game mound will replicate the hill of a real mound. This means the top-down view will be some type of oval or circle shape. The smoother that transition into the field of play, the better. The best portable pitching mounds replicate the real slope of a real field.


True Pitch Mounds

1. True Pitch Mounds

The ORIGINAL baseball portable pitching game mounds company, True Pitch, Inc., has been a trademark in baseball for nearly 50 years. True Pitch Mounds are the ONLY portable game mounds approved by these baseball organizations; Little League, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Pony and Dixie Leagues. These high-quality mounds are used in the best baseball parks in the U.S.-and worldwide.

True Pitch Mounds are made of reinforced fiberglass and covered with AstroTurf®. Considered by many the portable mound industry pioneer, True Pitch holds 40 patents on various products. The company offers a product line of 10 portable game and practice mounds, as well as numerous field products.

True Pitch Mounds is creating products that will perfect the pitch of baseball players and leave a legacy that will impact the game of baseball for generations to come.

True Pitch 6” Little League Youth Baseball Pitching Mound 202-6A

Dimension: 6″ High, 6’10″ Wide, 9’2″ Long, Approx. 180 lbs.

True Pitch 6” Little League Youth Baseball Pitching Mound 202-6A

True Pitch 6” Little League Youth Baseball Pitching Mound 202-6A

The True Pitch Mound 202-6A (formerly known as True Pitch Mound 302)is made of reinforced fiberglass and covered with AstroTurf®.  The 202-6A is part of our trademarked line of products that are the only portable pitching mounds approved by Little League Baseball for game use.  The 202-6A is also approved for Bambino (Babe Ruth) Division Games ages 5-12.  Official Little League Baseball ages 9-12 years.


Portolite Mounds

2. Portolite Mounds 

Portolite Mound Products introduced its first product at an indoor, professional baseball training facility in 1989. Three years of rigorous testing in various indoor and outdoor environments, at all age levels, led to the engineering and materials needed to provide you, the customer, the very best. 

Each baseball pitching mound is designed with a full-body, high-performance poly protected resilient core with fiberglass reinforcement giving the pitcher a solid, no bounce, yet cushioned baseball mound that reduces knee and ankle strain. Portolite pitching mounds are covered with the highest quality nylon AstroTurf®.

Built with pride in materials and craftsmanship the very best, environmentally friendly, portable pitching mound products available, anywhere.

Portolite Mound 10" Baseball Pitching Mounds

Dimensions 10" H x 11’3” L x 7’7" W - 110 / 120 lbs.

Portolite Mound 10" Baseball Pitching MoundsPortolite Mound 10" Baseball Pitching Mounds

Limited 10-year warranty on the core of the mound. Gentle slopes for pick-offs, no more falling off the pitching mound. Smooth tapered edges, No “Lips” on Portolite's baseball mounds. Highest quality Fiberglass, Poly, & Astroturf® materials. Pitching rubbers last 10 times longer than industry standards. Hidden “Wear Pad” located in front of the pitching rubber ensures your baseball mound will last season after season. Green and Clay color turf options.



3. ProMounds

ProMounds portable pitching mounds have been changing the way that pitchers at the youth, collegiate and professional level train. We began by offering high-quality portable pitching mounds, and have continued to grow into one of the leaders in portable pitching mound, softball pitching mat, and baseball/softball training aids.

ProMounds portable pitching mounds are made out of heavy-duty, high-density foam and covered with ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology. The combination of the foam core and the rubber armor distinguishes our pitching mounds as the most durable and lightweight models on the market today.

ProMounds Major League Pitching Mounds

Dimensions: 8'3"L x 5'W x 6"H. Weight: 70 lbs.

ProMounds Major League Pitching MoundProMounds Major League Pitching Mound

The ProMounds Major League Game mound is perfect for any youth baseball league. It allows you to convert any field into a baseball field in minutes. Throw from the official size rubber and land on the mound. This mound is constructed from lightweight, high-density foam, PRAT (ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology), and spike resistant artificial turf. The high-density foam creates a durable, lightweight design. The PRAT technology seals the foam and will not scratch gym floors. The spike resistant artificial turf completes the mound giving you a real game feel. It comes with clay turf.


We love how far sports have come and all the innovated products that now help players and make the game even more fun. Portable pitching mounds can work very well for sports complexes and ballparks that are used for softball as well. Low maintenance than a dirt mound but still highly effective for pitching. When looking for a high-quality mound at a great price and that will last and come with a awesome warranty. We pick these 3 companies to go with and stand behind their quality portable pitching mounds. If you have any questions please reach out to us we will be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


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