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Football Tackle Wheels & Rings

Football tackle wheels are an excellent way to practice hard tackles in a safe way. Football tackles wheels help train players how to tackle with good technique and form without the risk of injury. Tackle wheels can be used by players of all ages and will benefit all skill levels. The football tackle wheel focuses on taking the head out of the mix while emphasizing tackling with the shoulder and maintaining leverage and hitting the runner’s thighs and then bringing him to the ground instead of using the head. The football tackle wheel is the next evolution of football. Practice safer and learn how to hit harder with a Football Tackle Wheel. 

  • Players are hitting the tackles wheels instead of each other and lower the chances of injury during practice 

  • Players can learn to hit the tackle wheel with the best technique and form while hitting with full power

  • Teaches angle adjustment and open-field tackles, and reduces injury and repetition

  • Improves taking better angles to cut off an opponent and are good for open field pursuit drills

  • Heavier custom sizes can replace tire flipping and can be used in the weight room

  • It makes tackling safer and should lead to fewer concussions – and perhaps even better tackling.

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