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4 Advantages of Three Wheel Pitching Machines

4 Advantages of Three Wheel Pitching Machines for Baseball and Softball

Taking Advantage of the Game

Over the past several years, pitching machines have become more advanced to the point that three wheel pitching machines replicate real life pitcher more than their two-wheel predecessors. That means the team that invests in one of these machines will always have an advantage over their opponent.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages is it will allow you to rest your pitchers’ arms, while allowing you to get your entire rotation ready for your upcoming game.

Below are four other advantages of using a three-wheel pitching machine.

More Control over Pitches

Because most three-wheel pitching machines use separate motors for each wheel, each wheel can be adjusted to spin independently from the other two. This will allow you to control the speed and type of pitch by turning a knob to adjust each wheel.

The ability to adjust a three-wheel pitching machine to throw almost any type of pitch means, you can simulate a particular pitch a pitcher, your team will encounter might throw. That means your team can better prepare to face a pitcher who throws a really nasty curve, slider, or other hard to hit pitch.

Higher Precision/ Accuracy

Because each wheel of a three-wheel pitching machine often uses separate motors, they pitch with more accuracy than one or two-wheel pitching machines. That means you can rest your pitchers’ arms for an upcoming game while holding a three hour batting practice for your entire rotation.

Of course, that means you can use that practice to stretch and ice your pitchers or to give them a light pitching workout. That will allow you to prepare your entire team to play well on offense and defense.

Pitches baseballs and practice balls

Anyone who’s used a one or two-wheel pitching machine has seen a baseball come hurling out of the machine leaving the leather to fly up in the air. But one of the biggest advantages of a three-wheel pitching machine is that you can use real baseballs without worrying about it eating the leather.

Because you can adjust each wheel to apply more pressure on the point of the pitch, this type of pitching machine will not be so hard on baseballs. That will allow each batter to adjust their swings to hit the baseball on the sweet spot of the bat. 

Can be used for fielding practice

Because a three-wheel pitching machine pitches with more accuracy, it will also throw a ball into the field of play with more accuracy. This not only means you can rest your pitchers the day before the game, but it also means you can rest your lineup the day before a game if you want to.

Rather than using the pitching machine to pitch to live batters, you can use it to simulate live batters. That will allow you to rotate your starting lineup with the rest of your players, so your entire team gets a good workout.

Taking Advantage of the Winning Advantage

At Pro Sports, we support all sports and every person’s right to breathe fresh air and play sports. That’s why not only do we carry the best three-wheel pitching machines on the market, but we carry these machines for both baseball and softball.

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