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The Benefits of Football Blocking and Tackle Sleds

The Benefits of Football Blocking and Tackle Sleds

When it comes to preparing your football team to perform well, you will want invest in a football sled. This piece of football training equipment will help your players in three areas of their workout including acceleration, conditioning, and strength, as well as it will help them to avoid lower back injuries.


More than ever, football players are running the ball, which means the more you can help them improve their acceleration the better. You can do that by overloading the horizontal plane of the sled allowing them to improve their speed.

Though, a football sled is not a replacement for running a few laps around the the field. It will help your players train to get the maximum speed and energy out of those shorter plays that will often dominate the game, but you won’t want to use it to replace those longer distance runs.


Whether you want your players to develop the aerobic or anaerobic system, a football sled will make a great addition to your practice routine. You can help your players improve those two systems not only by varying the weight load you put on it but also by changing the distance you have your players push it.

For instance, to help them develop their aerobic systems, you will want to use lighter loads and have them push the sled for longer distances. Adding more weight to the sled, but not too much weight, and having them push it for shorter distances will help them develop the anaerobic systems.


Of course, all football players want to get stronger, and a football sled is a great piece of football training equipment to that end. It will not only help them to push maximum loads for long distances but it will also help them to make powerful blocks and tackles.

Though, when using a football sled to help your players improve their strength, you will want to take into consideration that not all players are built the same. What will be light to your linebackers will seem heavier to your running backs, so you will want to adjust the weight accordingly.

Lower Back Injury

While your main purpose in implementing football sleds into your practices is to help your players with their acceleration, conditioning, and speed, they will also help them develop proper running mechanics. It will help them avoid lower back injuries, which means they will miss fewer games and perform better on the field. 

The more you can help them avoid injury, the longer you will keep them in the game and the longer their playing careers will last. And their improved physical health will not only lead to better performance because of lasting stamina but also because of improved mental well-being.

Practicing Like a Team for Game Time

Football is a team sport, the more you can implement a practice routine that teaches your players to play like a team the better. Because multiple players can use a football sled at the same time it will help your team practice and play like a team.

So, while you’re helping your players develop their speed and strength, as well as to learn proper running mechanics, you will also help them better perform as a team. And the more you can help your players to work together as a team during practice, the more they will work together as a team during the game.

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