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Absolutely the Best Volleyball Serving Machines

Absolutely the Best Volleyball Serving Machines

At Pro Sports Equip, we only carry the best in volleyball training equipment because we want you to play your best. That means you can be certain our line we carry top of the line volleyball serving machines.

Below is information about the four types we carry, their advantages, and how you can benefit from them. Buying new volleyball equipment for your team takes time, so we find the best on the market. 

The Winning Advantage of Total Attack Volleyball Machine

This volleyball serving machine, which features a three-wheel design, has highest serve release point of any machine.

  • Digging & Spiking - Three extra-wide throwing wheels means it can deliver thousands of reps at different angles with accuracy

  • Serving - This machine can serve at speeds of up to 140 MPH; as well as it can deliver breaking sidespin serves, top spins, and floaters

  • Setting - Using the pins on the shaft, you can adjust it to lob balls by locating so you can practice setting balls

The Winning Advantage of the Volleyball Attack Machine

This volleyball serving machine, which features two extra-wide throwing wheels, is designed for the speed and height of a men’s volleyball game.

Serving - This machine can serve topspins, breaking floaters, and jump serves from various angles at speeds up to 80 MPH.

Digging & Spiking - You can adjust it to spike the ball at top speeds at various angles allowing you to make your practice as realistic as the game

Setting - By adjusting the pins on the shaft, you can position the throw head down to set the ball from realistic angles

The Winning Advantage of Skill Attack Volleyball Machine

By adjusting the horizontal throwing head you can adjust this volleyball serving machine to serve the ball at any angle, from different positions and in any direction.

Serving - This volleyball machine can serve sharp down spins or breaking floaters at speeds of up to 40 MPH

Spiking & Digging - You can set it for digging drills on the same side of the net for sharp down spins or breaking floater

Setting - Adjust it to lob no-spin balls at different angle, so you can practice setting balls at the perfect height angles 

The Winning Advantage of the Attack II Volleyball Machine

The two extra-wide throwing wheels on this machines means it will serve the ball with accuracy for hours.

Serving - This volleyball serving machine can serve sharp top spins and breaking floaters, as well as jump serves, at speeds of up to 70 MPH

Spiking & Digging - Because you can easily maneuver this device, you can place it anywhere on the court allowing your team to practice spikes and digs at any angle

Setting - Using the locating pins on the shaft, this machine can be set to deliver soft sets at any angle and any height

It’s Time to Attack

Now that you have a better idea of the differences in the volleyball serving machines we carry, we encourage you take a closer look by clicking on your top choices.

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Phillip Bryant (Macon, US)
Phillip Bryant

Great product!

Very good machine. I would recommend getting the pitching machine balls to go with it

BCI 70' Mastodon Single Batting Cage System
Kevin Sendi (Bloomfield Hills, US)
Great Company and Owner!!!

Everything as promised. Detailed, thorough and organized. Mario went above and beyond. Thank you so much!

Grandson loves the leather balls

Ordered the heater pitching machine and cage.
Dimpled balls and leather pitching balls. Great practice with both but Grandson prefers the leather. Feels like he’s “in a game”.

Dimpled "SOFTUF" Baseballs

Bought 2 dozen of these in combination with the Heater Duece 75pmh pitching machine. Built a 55ft cage and this combo easily reaches mid to upper 80's. Balls work perfectly outside of the occasional riser/diver which is to be expected. Also saves the wear and tear of a real baseball destroying my son's bats. Highly recommend this product/combo for anyone looking to build/utilize a cage.

Son is crushing the ball and his confidence through the roof.