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Why A Portable Pitching Mound Is A Smart Choice

Why A Portable Pitching Mound Is A Smart Choice

Whether you coach a little league, high school, college, or professional baseball team, you want your players to perform their best. A pitching mound is a fundamental part of a baseball game that makes it more enjoyable by giving it the element of speed and velocity.

Though, in every league, the pitching mound needs to meet certain requirements, and those requirements vary from league to league. We offer many types of portable pitching mounds to help you make sure your baseball field meets those requirements and your pitchers perform their best.

Here are a few reasons to consider investing in a portable pitching mound.

Portable Pitching Mounds and Player Performance

  • Player Adjustment
  • Though leagues require pitching mounds to meet certain requirements, there are no requirements as far as the dimensions of a practice mound. But it is a good idea for a pitcher to practice from a pitching mound that is the same distance and has the same dimensions as the mound from which they will pitch during the game.

    To make sure your pitcher’s perform at an optimal level, they should practice and play from pitching mounds with the same dimensions and distance from home plate. They also often try to pick off players at the bases, so that is another reason to create uniformity by using a portable pitching mound.

  • Portability
  • Of course, an obvious benefit of a portable pitching mound is that it is portable, and they often come with wheels. And if there is one thing every baseball or softball team deals with multiple times throughout their season, it’s rainy days.

    On rainy days, when you need to use a gymnasium or other indoor facilities for your practice, a portable pitching mound will come in handy. You can continue your practice without losing a step, and you can rest assured your pitchers will be ready to perform at their best on game day.

  • Reduce Costs
  • Depending on what you intend to use a portable pitching mound for, prices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The less expensive ones are intended for practice only, whereas the more expensive ones are intended for professional baseball games.

    Though, choosing not to invest in a portable pitching mound because of the cost will lead to even greater costs in the long run. You will need to pay for the cost of a groundskeeper as well as for any extra fill dirt and tools needed to maintain the pitching mound according to league requirements.

    Of course, since different leagues have different requirements, maintaining a baseball field can be very time consuming. And a field that hosts multiple games within multiple leagues per week or even in a day can require many hours of a groundskeeper inspecting and perfecting the pitcher’s mound.

    At The End Of The Baseball Season

    While you can play every game without a portable pitching mound, the best reason you should use a portable pitching mound is to retain talent. None of your players have to play for you, and they might be encouraged to join a different league or different team if they see them using a portable pitching mound and you’re not.

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    • This might blow the mind, but you really don’t need the middle area. Use two sections. The mount 4ftX2ft and a landing area on the same slope about 4ftX3ft. Each pitcher has a slightly different step and it can be placed according to their liking. They would get used to the gap after a little practice. Two pieces would be lighter and more Pitching Mounds.

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