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The Benefits of a Pitching Machine

Apr 02, 2021 0 comments
The Benefits of a Pitching Machine

The Benefits of a Pitching Machine! How a Pitching Machine Can Make Your Team More Versatile

When it comes to managing a baseball team, the best way to prepare your team to play an upcoming game well, and to play well throughout the season, is to teach them how to be versatile. A pitcher may need to play the position of a short stop, the outfielders may need to adjust their positions in the outfield according to the batter, and all of the players may need to learn how to hit against a certain type of pitch.

One way you can help your team learn how to become more versatile is by using machines to help you manage the flow of practice and to improve the performance of your players. One such machine that can help a you run a smoother practice and enhance your players’ performance is a pitching machine.

Below are 12 ways pitching machines can improve your team’s performance. How Pitching Machines Can Improve Your Team’s Performance

  • Teach your players a single batting fundamental that is essential to every player

  • Help a player learn a new position or replace an injured player

  • Better manage team practices if you don’t have enough coaching assistants

  • Cover different aspects of the game such as pitching speeds and angles (the windup and stretch)

  • Limit how many innings a player can pitch in a day.

  • Players must have the endurance to work as long as the machine keeps rolling or until the coach tells them to rest

  • Help your players to develop their reflexes, so they can better adjust to game time situations

  • Train your team to practice certain aspects of the game or simulate almost any type of game time situation

  • Help your players to determine how a pitch will be thrown

  • Provide an extensive variety of data to help you determine each players abilities and to create the lineup for upcoming games

  • Prepare batters for certain situations by using a pitch indicator light

  • Allow pitchers to rest their arms for game day

  • Help players to improve skill sets and to learn new skills

The Benefits of Pitching Machines

While a pitching machine can help you to better run your practice, so you can maintain a better flow, they cannot replace an assistant coach or even a pitcher. They cannot help a batter learn how to adjust their stance and hit a curveball, nor can they determine the type of pitch to throw according to who the batter is.

When setting up your pitching machine, you will want to look from the machine to the batter’s box, so as to line the machine up with the batter’s box. You can then set up the pitching machine to throw certain types of pitch, so as to help batters know how to react to that pitch in a live game.

Choosing The Right Pitching Machine

To help you decide the right type of pitching machine to buy to help you improve the performance of your team, we’ve compile a list of our most popular machines.

Below are four pitching machines we recommend:

Hack Attack Pitching Machine

Iron Mike MP-4 Pitching Machine

First Pitch Curveball Combo 

BATA 2pitch3 Pitching Machine

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