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  • Can the machine be operated with a credit card? For a batting cage setup for customers to use?

    Hello kyle, I would get in touch with Master Pitch directly if you would like to purchase a machine that will take credit cards or coins.

  • I’m trying to get a pitching machine for fast pitch softball. I like this machine but it says all of your machines throw with an overhand action. Shouldn’t it be an underhand action?

    Hello Laci, We can configure the machine to throw under hand for softball. Just select fast pitch softball and we will get that done for you.

  • Does the machine throw different pitches other than fastball for Slowpitch?

    Hello Michelle, yes you can configure the machine to throw different pitches with different arms and slight adjustments.

  • Hello. Is this machine able to use real baseballs or softballs or is it necessary to use the dimpled balls?

    Hello Kevin, you can use real baseballs and softballs but you will need to add the positive feed control unit to the machine. It will allow real leather balls to travel through the machine without any problems.

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