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  • About financial

    Hello Francisco, we two great finicaing options affrim and klarna. Please let me know if you would like further details.

  • Does this come with a feeder attachment or is it extra? How many balls can you load into the feeder?

    Hello Jason, There is a feeder attachment for I-Hack Attack, it does come separately. The baseball solo feeder fits 15 baseballs. The team feeder fit 150 baseballs.

  • fast ball velocity?

    Hi Allen, Fast ball velocity 100+ - I do believe.

  • Can you use real baseballs and is there a feeder attachment

    Yes sir, you can use real baseballs and yes there is a feeder attachment.


  • What's the reason for such a huge cost difference between the Spinball and IHack?

    Hello Dennis, the Ihack attack is a all digital machine, where as the spinball wizard is a analog machine with dial nobs.

  • What is the slowest MPH pitch you can throw on the I Hack Attack?

    Hello Coach, the lowest speed of the I-Hack is about 35mph.

  • What is the main difference between the $3,500 & $5,500 baseball machines? Also how do the self and team ball feeders actually work? Can an older machine, which originally cost over $10,000 be used in trade? Thanks.

    Hello Craig, The main difference is the I-Hack is a digital machine. Where as the Hack Attack is a analog machine. The feeders are there own machines and sit right next to the pitching machines with a chute that connect the to so the ball can travel into the pitching machine. We do accpect any trade ins, we do apologize.

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