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  • Do rubber dimpled balls ever get jammed or does the feeder ever miss a ball in rotation? Also why can’t the feeder vary in time ball is dispensed for outfield drills? Thx

    Hello, Dave thank you for your question. To answer, no dimpled balls will not get stuck or jammed. The balls are going to fill the lowest part of the basin first to prevent balls from being skipped or missed, so it would be very unlikely for a ball to get missed. Also, there is no time to vary because the feeder was made for feeding balls during batting practice. It would be better to have someone feed the balls for you during outfield drills to have more of a time-lapse.


  • How fast does it pitch?

    Hello David,

    Please, which JUGS machine are you referring too? This question came on the carousel feeder page. 

    If this question is for the feeder it releases balls every 6 seconds sir.


  • Can you use this for slow pitch softball?

    Yes you sure can, you are able to switch between baseball and softball with a different chute tube for ball size. Yes this feeder will work for slow pitch softball.

  • Is the price for loader and pitching machine? Thanks

    You can use this feeder with 5 different machines, so my question to you is which machine are you interested in and what will it be used for baseball or softball. The feeder is $549 by its self. So all we need is which machine is catching your eye?

  • What type of baseballs do you use? Thanks

    You can use standard baseballs or dimpled pitching machine baseballs. Either or is perfectly fine to use with the feeder.

  • Do you sell a ball feeder that works with the M1300 pitching machine?

    Hello Lisa, right now there is no ball feeder for the M1300 machine.

  • Will this product work with non Juggs machines? I have a Hack Attack and their auto-feeder is $2,500. I am looking for a more affordable alternative, but don't want to purchase if this will only work with a Juggs machine.

    Hello David, yes we do not recommend trying to use it with a hack attack machine. You can always look at he solo feeder for the hack attack machine.

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