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  • Hey Mike again with another question. So I purchase this combo pitching machine about week ago and just waiting for delivery. My question is , if I use the longer legs for softball outfield practice, do you think the balls will go further ?

    Hello Mike, yes that could work to help give the balls a higher launch and go farther into the outfield.

  • I am interested in the Jugs Combo M1501. I am a slow pitch softball coach. My question is can I use it for batting practice for 6 to 12 foot arc pitching ? My second question is can I use it for outfield fly ball practice from home plate to the outfield ?

    Hello Mike, yes you can use this machine for high arc pitches and yes you can use it for fly balls as well. The fly balls will make it into the outfield from home plate but not very deep into the outfield.

  • Does the BP1 throw curve balls,or sliders

    No unfortunately it only throws fastballs sir. You will need two wheels to throw any kind of breaking balls.

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