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  • Does this machine really delivers swing and spin?

    Hello Lalith, yes it does but this machine is for entry-level players. For more professionals, we recommend the deuce 75 or 95 machines.

  • How long it takes to ship this item in general to any part of the country? Also what types of balls this machine with auto feeder supports?

    Hello Lalith, 1-2 business days to ship out and about 5-7 business days to arrive. You can use any type of cricket ball but we do suggest dimpled balls.

  • Hi, What kind of balls are needed for this bowling machine? Where can we purchase the replacement balls? Also, how do we control the length where the machine will bounce the ball? Is the 10 second delay between each ball, during auto feeder, is it variable? How soon can I expect delivery after payment?

    Hell Gaurav, if you would like a more professional style machine with more control features and a machine you could use all types of cricket balls with I would recommend this machine.

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