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  • Just read your reply to Raymond and I am impressed with your company and I now find that I'm in a similar situation. I am a Boy Scouts of America Asst. Scoutmaster of Troop 817 and one of my boys is completing his Eagle Scout Project at our church St. Gregory the Great in Plantation FL. He is a special needs boy so his project was to repaint and refurbish the basketball hoops and backboards at the church. There are 6 of them. Today we took them down an I couldn't figure out why they all had Zip Ties holding the worn nets in place. Your website and product offerings showed me that they were the type net's that should have the Chain type net for long term usage and not the cheap cloth ones zip tied to the rim because the rims have no hooks like the indoor type do. I'm willing to spend out of my own pocket to get the correct, metal, long term lasting quality nets that you sell, if you would offer them to our young future Eagle Scout at a discounted price. He has raised only $300 in funds to complete this project and I would like to help him out by providing your quality product for him to use at my expense. Please let me know your reply, I can quickly pay by Paypal or credit card but I need rather quick delivery because he took the backboards down for painting today. Thank you for your consideration, K. Joseph Valle Cell 954-245-2806

    Joe is was great speaking with you and we are more than willing to help out and provide these awesome nets, you will not be disappointed, sir.


  • My name is Raymond Plummer. We live in a small town in Pennsylvania. Our township (Summerhill) put in a basketball court a few years ago but they didn't put up any nets. We have bought lots or the cheap nets and have to use zip ties to put them on because they are double rims. I tried getting them to buy the good chain ones with no luck. I know it's a long shot, but is they any way you could give me a break on two of them? They are on sale on the web site and for two of them it would be $66. It's just a little much for me to spend but I'm tired of always buying the cheap ones so the kids dont have to keep chasing the basketballs. I understand if you can not do this, just thought I would try. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a great day. Thank you

    We would love for the kids to have better nets and we especially know how important it is to have great nets for basketball hoops. We would love to help out and yes we could offer you a better deal for the chain nets. We will reach out to you with the discounted price. Thank you for choosing us and we appreciate your support. We could do it for 53 total Raymond if you would like to move forward just send us all your info and we could send you over an invoice my friend.

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Bownet 6' x 12' Soccer Goal Bow6x12
J Kruse (Philadelphia, US)
Great Product

This goal works great and went up easy. Rugged design for serious competitive play. Highly recommend.


Exactly what we were looking for! Great Price and very happy with this pitching machine! Would recommend Pro Sports Equipment and First Pitch to anyone looking for quality equipment.

Ethan Carter review

I have put a lot of time and hours onto this dummy and it is still looks like it’s brand new! I am so impressed with the product and look forward to using more and advertising more for you!
Thank you

Pitchers best friend

This is awesome. My son is a pitcher and this helps him work on his accuracy. Very rugged and strongly made to hold up to those fast pitches. Highly recommended.

Excellent practice machine

I actually have two of them. They are perfect for my practice. I can set it up quickly and the remote is so handy to have.