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  • I still don't Understan using 10 EMT rods. 10 does not make sense unless you are using a 10' bottom front rod which is not pictured and could be a bounce back issue. It is also not supported by the corner pieces supplied in the kit so it should read 9 each of 10ft EMT poles

    Hello HR, you will have to cut 2 - 10' poles to make the 5' poles. Then everything will fit correctly.

  • the product says it is 5' deep 10' wide and 10' high. however it says I must buy 10 10' rids for the frame. Wouldn't it be 7 10' rods and 4 5' rods?

    Hello James, you will need to cut 2 - 10' poles in half. (5' Pieces of 1" EMT** (2 - 10' Pieces cut in half)

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