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  • I assume this is set up in the garage. What is the size of the space needed? Does it have a ball return? Does the monitor record the time and results?

    Hello Leonard, you will need the sapce for the hitting bay setup and 3-5 extra around the hitting bay. No ball return and no monitor, this is only the hitting bay frame and impact screen.

  • I want to setup an outdoor simulator. Will the EMT and corners rust? If so, what else would you recommend? Also, how do you recommend staking this to the ground? How does the impact screen stand up to the elements?

    Hello Phil, The corners will not rust the coners are made of rust prroof material just like the EMT pipes. The netting hangs from the frame so staking to the ground is not that curcial and the screen is made of heavy duty vinyl which is pretty tough as well.

  • I still don't Understan using 10 EMT rods. 10 does not make sense unless you are using a 10' bottom front rod which is not pictured and could be a bounce back issue. It is also not supported by the corner pieces supplied in the kit so it should read 9 each of 10ft EMT poles

    Hello HR, you will have to cut 2 - 10' poles to make the 5' poles. Then everything will fit correctly.

  • the product says it is 5' deep 10' wide and 10' high. however it says I must buy 10 10' rids for the frame. Wouldn't it be 7 10' rods and 4 5' rods?

    Hello James, you will need to cut 2 - 10' poles in half. (5' Pieces of 1" EMT** (2 - 10' Pieces cut in half)

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