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The Ball Launcher Trainer

The Ball Launcher Trainer + Auto Ball Feeder + Speed Boost is an innovative football training machine that provides accurate ball delivery for goalkeepers, outfield players and team practice. Suitable for all ages and abilities, and ideal for developing players, the football machine provides the opportunity for players and teams to improve quicker than ever before.

The football machine is the perfect training tool to improve player technique and develop core skills. It is easy to transport between locations and can be set up for use in seconds, providing quality and reliable ball service every time. Furthermore, it is suitable for both football pitch and garden usage.

The latest in technology is included to provide 'game changing' functionality including remote control operation and an automatic ball feeder that can store up to 6 balls at a time. The remote control feature allows coaches to keep close to the action and concentrate on 'coaching and not endless kicking', the machine does the hard work. Footballs can be launched effortlessly by anyone including parents at the easy touch of a button. Players can even train alone with automated sequence training where balls are fired every 3, 5 or 8 seconds.

The product is safe to use, has CE safety certification and is manufactured in Britain using quality materials. With the Speed Boost feature is plugged in and turned on, the machine has a maximum ball delivery speed of 55mph. When you consider that a normal good shot on goal in the English Premier League is 60mph, the ball speed of the machine is quick.

Key Features:
• Excellent for goalkeeper, outfielder and team training.
• Deliver 200+ accurate footballs an hour.
• Automatically launch size 3, 4 and 5 footballs at a speed of up to 55mph.
• Apply left and right ball spin.
• Launch footballs at any height between -3 and +22 degrees.
• Launch footballs in any direction 360 degrees.
• Launch footballs up to 33 metres in distance.
• Transport easily between locations in the boot of a small family car.
• Rechargeable battery with up to 4 hours life.
• Fully CE safety certified.

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The Ball Launcher Trainer Soccer Machine

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