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Sports Attack

Sports Attack was founded in 1995 in Reno, NV. To say that we are manufacturers of quality sports training equipment just seems to not capture the essence of who we are. We do not just design our products; we explore, scrutinize, analyze and engineer our products. We do not just manufacture or assemble our equipment; we build each one from the ground up, by hand, the old fashioned way. And all of it, every part, every wheel, every motor, every element of every machine is made in the United States.

We view our suppliers through the lens of our mission statement, as a critical part of the design and development of our equipment. After fabrication and prior to shipment the equipment is tested thoroughly, every aspect of every unit. This ensures the product reliability on which our brand is built. Our process represents who we are; distinctive and exclusive design, detailed and quality manufacturing, resulting in innovative, effective training equipment.

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