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Soft Touch Progressive Release Bases

Upgrade your baseball or softball field with Soft Touch bases, available at Pro Sports Equip. Designed for enhanced safety and durability, our Soft Touch bases offer exceptional performance for players of all skill levels. Explore our collection of premium bases crafted from high-quality materials to withstand rigorous gameplay. Elevate your sports experience and ensure confident sliding and tagging with Soft Touch bases from Pro Sports Equip today.

WHY PROGRESSIVE RELEASE - Every one of our Progressive Release bases is designed to be the softest, most durable, and the safest option in the industry!

The patented Soft Touch Progressive Release design allows the base to release from its anchor with just the right amount of force allowing for aggressive, yet safer play. Our polyurethane bases provide the ultimate flexibility in mounting options while minimizing the potential for player injuries.

Soft Touch baseball and softball bases with the patented progressive release design are the safer alternative to bases advertised as break-away or disengage-able.

Progressive release bases meet the Little League "disengage-able" base rule implemented in 2008. All of our 14-inch bases comply with Little League Rule 1.06.

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