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Portolite Portable Pitching Mounds

Portolite Portable Pitching Mounds

Portolite pitching mound Products introduced its first product at an indoor, professional baseball training facility in 1989. Three years of rigorous testing in various indoor and outdoor environments, at all age levels, led to the engineering and materials needed to provide you, the customer, the very best, environmentally friendly, portable pitching mound products available, anywhere.

Portolite products are built with pride in materials and craftsmanship, and our customers are treated as if our business depended on them. Which, of course, it does. Portolite portable pitching mound uses the strongest nylon turf. It is hard and stands up to abrasion better. We have chosen this turf since longevity seems to be the concern of most customers. However we do have the ability to build custom mounds, so be sure to talk with us if your customer is leaning towards aesthetics and desires a softer longer blade turf.

Portolite baseball pitching mounds give the pitcher the feel of a regulation baseball mound, while also allowing field crews the ability to move it with ease.  Each baseball pitching mound is designed with a full-body, high-performance poly protected resilient core with fiberglass reinforcement giving the pitcher a solid, no bounce, yet cushioned baseball mound that reduces knee and ankle strain. Portolite pitching mounds are covered with the highest quality nylon AstroTurf® available in Clay or Green colors. Portolite simulated pitching rubbers last ten times as long and have a hidden wear pad underneath the turf immediately in front of the pitching rubber. Built with gentle slopes and tapered edges to give the pitcher the highest level of comfort. Two-Piece Full-Length Game Mounds are available in 6”, 8”, and 10” sizes. 

  • Limited 10-year warranty on the core of the mound    

  •  Gentle slopes for pick-offs, no more falling off the pitching mound

  •  Smooth tapered edges, No “Lips” on Portolite's baseball mounds

  •  Highest quality Fiberglass, Poly, & Astroturf® materials

  •  Pitching rubbers last 10 times longer than industry standards.

  •  Hidden “Wear Pad” located in front of the pitching rubber ensures your baseball mound will last season after season.

  • Green and Clay color turf options·     

Purchase today and receive FREE Freight Shipping on all mounds, No sales tax on all mounds (Except for California). Purchase orders are accepted as well. Gives us a call to see if we have an additional discount we can apply to your order. 

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Great pricing and quick to respond.

Awesome Machine

This machine is so awesome. Easy to set up and use. My team loves to use it. Thank you Pro Sports Equipment. Awesome service all the way around.

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William Clancy (Pompano Beach, US)
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Very pleased with our purchase..
was easy to assemble also! Thanks Mario

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Phillip Bryant

Great product!

Very good machine. I would recommend getting the pitching machine balls to go with it