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  • I’m somewhat surprised that you refer the Cimarron 5X5 as a Premium Putting Mat. Don’t think I would invest in a 5X5 mat to work on Putting. Obviously I know that it is not used for putter training. Would like to know how much the 3X4 Apron and Chipping mat is. Thanks Dan Jamieson

    Hello Dan, sorry for the confusion but you are totally correct. It is not a putting mat but more like a chipping or driving range mat.

  • Got a second ? Do you make a 2’x 5’ side mat that simulates rough conditions that could be laid/attached to the side of a hitting mat?

    Hello Dan, currently we carry 3' x 4' Apron and Rough Chipping Mat.

  • I know that your Cimarron 5”x5” hitting mat is an indoor/outdoor product, ? Is how much, how long can this mat be left outside? Does it drain well, will corners start to roll up with summer heat? Basically can this mat be considered a permanent outdoor mat?

    Hello Dan, yes dan it can be considered a outdoor mat but for longevity we do recommend store it away in harsh weather conditions. We have not got any back feedback for this mat and its quality.

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