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  • Is there a performance difference or technique emphasis between the T-pad and the JV Shock pad? Or is it just personal preference?

    Hello Colby, it is really just a personal preference. I do feel the T-Pad is for more advanced players.

  • How much does it weigh?

    Hello Edward, the sled quanity has different weights, what number of sleds are you asking weight for?

  • What are the specs, height & weight & width for one man youth sled

    Hell Mark, 1-MAN Youth Mod Sled 201 lbs 48" wide 50" high

  • What age group is this intended. What is total weight for 3 man sled

    Hello Mike, for seventh Grade and Younger. The Youth MOD Sled is a scaled-down version of our famous MOD Sled, ideal for drilling fundamental blocking skills in players in seventh grade and younger. Weight for 3 man sled is 420Lbs

  • This comes with everything correct? Pads and all?

    Hello Justin, yes that is correct pads and all.

  • Does the sled up go up ?

    Hello Mark, no this sled does not have any lifting action, only a ram unit that allows the pad to spring back and forth.

  • Are the pads easily detachable for nightly storage?

    Hello Massoud, yes they are.

  • does the 5 man sled come fully assembled? Does it break down at all for easier storage? And are the pads removable?

    Hello Craig, no the sled does not come fully assembled. The sled does break down and yes the pads are removable.

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