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  • Does this table come with the bonus indicator and the possession arrow?

    Hello Doug, no this table does not come with possession arrows. You need to purchase separately.

  • How do I add my custom school logo and how much more is that?

    Hello Jimmy, all graphic images are free with the purchase of the table. We will create a mock up for you with the images you provide us with once the purchase is made. Or we can create one for you to see what it would look like before you make the purchase.

  • Fisher Floor Mount Scorers Table If I order the 20' table, can it be used as 4 stand alone tables? Can you send photos of what they look like when they are not clipped together?

    Hello Mike, yes we can make that happen, we would provide some additional padding for the sides when they are not connected together.

  • We are considering ordering the 15' floor mount table. If I read this correctly, that would come in 3 separate segments. Is that accurate? Do they clip together? Can they be used stand alone as 3 individual 5' tables or one 10' table and one 5'' table? What format & resolution do you need the desired artwork in? Thanks! Joe

    Hello Joseph,  yes that is correct they will come in 5' sections. Yes they clip together. I would have to double check about using as stand alone tables, you might be able to but they might look funny because they are designed to be clipped together. We would need the artwork to be in vector file format.

  • Do the castors have a locking mechanism to prevent moving when in place? Thank you!

    Hello Joe, yes we are pretty sure they do.

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