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  • Is this a portable competitive volleyball net system that meets the requirements of play according to USAV and does not require anchor holes in the court? and What systems do you have that meet this requirement? Do they come with ref stands, pads and antennas? I am trying to find a good system to put into an older gym. I will need two complete systems that will be used for tournament play. We need to ensure that the height can be adjusted down for small girls teams (6'8"), and 7' for girls 11-12, and standard size 7'4 1/4" . Also, how quickly two of the same kind can be shipped. Thank you!

    Hello Michael, yes this meets all requirements. It does not require any holes. Yes, this system has the option to purchase with a ref padded ref stand. It can be adjusted as well for men, women, and juniors. We only have a few in stock but can ship in 2-3 business days.

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