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  • Will the machine have performance issue if I use a 50ft extension cord to connect to a 110v outlet?

    Hello Bhavin, yes the machine should work with that long of an extension cord but if it doesn't I would recommend and high-powered extension cord.

  • Can you use cricket balls in automatic feeder?

    Hello Pallav, yes you can use cricket balls in the auto feeder.

  • What’s the difference between Deuce 95 Cricket bowling machine and regular? I see a price difference of about $50 and retail price difference of $150.

    Hello Navdeep, The only difference between the two machines is the legs are longer on the cricket machine. To pitch the ball so it will have a proper bounce off the ground.

  • Can we use hard tennis balls with this machine too?

    Hello Onkar, no, we would recommend you do not use tennis balls with this machine.

  • Is there a battery that we can use this bowing machine with? Also, what’s the warranty on this one?

    Hello Onkar, yes there is a battery pack. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • What is the difference between the Deuce 95 cricket bowling machine and deuce 95 baseball pitching machine? Both looks exactly the same in terms of how they look.

    Hello Lalith, one is designed for cricket and the other is desgined for baseball.

  • Does the 95mph work from 22 yards? Can I use a 22ft. heater batting cage with this for a smaller backyard (40 ft). ?

    Hello Sarma, yes you definitely can.

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