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  • Will the machine have performance issue if I use a 50ft extension cord to connect to a 110v outlet?

    Hello Bhavin, yes the machine should work with that long of an extension cord but if it doesn't I would recommend and high-powered extension cord.

  • Can you use cricket balls in automatic feeder?

    Hello Pallav, yes you can use cricket balls in the auto feeder.

  • What’s the difference between Deuce 95 Cricket bowling machine and regular? I see a price difference of about $50 and retail price difference of $150.

    Hello Navdeep, The only difference between the two machines is the legs are longer on the cricket machine. To pitch the ball so it will have a proper bounce off the ground.

  • Does the 95mph work from 22 yards? Can I use a 22ft. heater batting cage with this for a smaller backyard (40 ft). ?

    Hello Sarma, yes you definitely can.

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