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Bison T-Rex Portable Basketball Hoops

The T-Rex is the king of dinosaurs and Bison’s T-Rex is the king of the basketball court!  Select a T-Rex model to accommodate the highest level of play in your gymnasium, request a quote, and you’ll get the pricing you need from a Bison dealer within 24 hours. Since 1985, athletic directors, coaches, facility administrators, and equipment managers have relied on the good sports at Bison to provide safe, durable, innovative, and on-time products to fit their unique sports equipment needs. Initially known in the industry as a basketball equipment supplier and now the exclusive NFHS partner for the sport of basketball, Bison now offers virtually every indoor and outdoor sports-related item to completely outfit your gymnasium or sports field.

$12,000.00 $9,939.00

Bison T-REX Club Portable Basketball Hoop BA894GSR

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