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  • I purchased a Rawlings Pro Line Two Wheel pitching machine. I will be using it off grid for 1/2 of my teams practices! I intend to buy a gas generator for these occasions! I have looked at one at a local supply store that has the following specifications. A-Ipower Sua2300i Inverter Generator. 2300 Starting Watts/ 1800 Running Watts. I need to know if this generator is more than sufficient to power the Rawlings Proline 2 pitching machine? I found a manual for the Rawlings Proline Two Wheel machine on line and it says the machine will pull a maximum continuous load of 4amps (480 Watts) at 120V AC but we recommend a generator capacity of 800W minimum! The above mentioned Inverter Generator I am looking at to purchase appears to be more than sufficient but I am still not sure as I don’t know enough about the minimum requirements of power for the machine. Please assist me by checking into this for me. I will be grateful to you for any help you can give so I can purchase the proper generator for my new machine!!!

    Hello Francis, your generator is more than enough for the pitching machine Rawlings recommends 1000 watts to get the 2 wheel machine started.

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