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  • Want to purchase a portable generator for this. What are the requirements can you recommend.

    Hello Saint Paul High School, we recommend a 1500-watt inverter generator and above for the quarterback machine.

  • Do you ship to Europe and if so what will be the cost

    Hello Arne De Bruycker, no I am sorry we do not ship overseas.

  • Can one machine throw baseballs and footballs?

    Hello Chad, no sorry the machine is only configured to throw footballs.

  • Does the transporter require assembly?

    Hello Frederick, yes it does but very little.

  • What is the warranty on this throwing machine? Does the machine come assembled? What is the difference between this throwing machine and the one(s) that are priced at $3,000+? Thank You!

    Hello Frederick, The warranty for this machine is 5 years. Yes, the machine comes assembled there is very little set up for the machine. The difference between the other machines is they are built completely differently and the others have transport wheels designed into the frame of the machine whereas this one does not. The more expensive machines have bigger frames and more protection around the machine components.

  • How fast does this throwing machine spit out balls in MPH?

    Hello Brandon, The speed at which balls leave the machine depends on the distance between the player and machine but you can crack the machine up to about 80mph.

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