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  • Hello, I have a few questions. My church has an indoor gym and we are interested in getting a scoreboard. 1. I understand that this thing is very heavy. We want to hang the scoreboard on the wall. Does the parts to install the scoreboard comes with the initial order? 2. Does it need professionals to install the board? Can we do it ourselves as long as we follow instructions? 3. Is the clock only count down? Can it go up? For example: Soccer timing. I am also interested in the other board from your website: Varsity Scoreboards 2230 Indoor Multi-Sport Scoreboard I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. Please send me the quote for both of them and I will discuss it with my team. Thank you

    Hello Roger, here are the specs for installation.

    1. The installation hardware is not supplied.
    2. Yes you can install it yourself if you feel inclined to.
    3. Yes the clock counts up or down.

    Please reply back to this email and we will send all the specs for you.

  • Can the school name replace the “home” light?

    Hello Dave, yes it can be.

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