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  • Does this machine work with an automatic feeder.

    Hello Nathan, yes the machine does have an auto ball feeder.

  • Does this machine have different heights my grandson is 8 years old... Does this machine throw ground and fly balls

    Hello James, the machine head will adjust up and down to allow you to pitch ground balls and fly balls.

  • Can you use real baseballs? Are your dimpled balls ok to hit with all Usssa bats for 11U?

    Hell Joe, yes you can use real baseballs with this machine and yes our dimpled balls should be good with USSSA bats. We would recommend the iron mike dimpled balls.

  • How do you adjust the height of the pitching machine for softball? Also, can 11 inch balls be used on this machine. Thank you

    Hello Chuck, to adjust the height of the machine all you have to do is flip the legs upside down. I do that 11" and 12" softball can be used with the baseline machine.

  • Could you use this product for fielding as well? Does it rotate downward?

    Hello Maya, yes you can use this machine for field as well. The head will move up and down.

  • I have outdoor outlets on my house can I use an extension cord to plug the machine up to use it?

    Hello Teresa, Yes you definitely can.

  • Does it go with a battery pack if there is no electric power?

    Hello Elsa, Yes we recommend a 1500w to 1800w inverted generator to get the job done.

  • Does the wheel ever wear out where it makes contact with the ball, and if so what it the maintenance/repair for that?

    Hello Matthew, The wheel is made of high-quality rubber and would take years to wear down to the point of metal on contact with the ball. We sell replacements but I don't think you would need to replace the wheel for quite a few years. We just recommend sanding it every once and a while and making sure you keep it out of the rain or water exposure.

  • How much voltage does it need? Current fields our team is at doesn’t have outlets for electrical use.

    Hello Katrina, We recommend a 1500w inverter generator for use with this machine.

  • Can you use any ball, Regular baseball, softy ball ?

    Yes you can but we always recommend to use pitching machine balls with Kevlar seams or dimpled balls.

  • Does it come with a ball feeder?

    No sorry, it does not. But you do have an option to purchase a ball feeder if you like.

  • will this run off of an 1500 watt inverter?

    Hello Ray, yes this machine should be able to run correctly at 1500 watts.

  • Does it do curve ball

    Hello Adasha, no sorry this machine does not throw curveballs. I would recommend the first pitch curveball machine.

  • Is there a different bracket for softballs and baseballs?

    Hello Drew, yes there is a different size chute for baseball and softball.

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